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Our Food

We combine authentic Italian cuisine with our spin on classic Italian American favorites.

Pappardelle Bolognese.jpg

We believe great food starts with great ingredients.  We only use the highest quality ingredients, and we partner with multiple vendors to import us many of these directly from Italy.  Because our ingredients are of the highest quality, we don’t need to over season our dishes.  When you are enjoying our homemade sauce, we want you to taste the imported DOP San Marzano tomatoes paired with our signature spice blend.

We use 100% Italian Grain pasta served al dente, which means cooked so it is still firm.  Al Dente pasta has more texture, and better complements the sauce. 

If you prefer your pasta cooked longer, please let us know when ordering.

Fresh Homemade Pasta
Cacio e Pepe 2.jpg

We prepare your meals to order.  Making food to order causes longer wait times.  While the meal you are about to enjoy is being prepared, we suggest you start with an appetizer, a salad, or simply enjoy our complimentary bread and homemade focaccia.

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